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PlayMp3.Co - Free MP3 Downloads and Play MP3

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So we have a fantastic Movie torrent search engine, but we don’t have a MP3 search engine. Well now we do. A new website called PlayMP3 has been circulating the web over the last few months and was recently taken down as they lost their domain name.

But now they are back. There is 2 versions of the website, both websites have a slightly different design but work exactly the same. So what does  PlayMP3 actually do? PlayMP3 allows users to type a song name and either listen to it in the browser or download it. This is a brilliant website for any of you music fans.

So what makes PlayMP3 different? The design is very nice and straight forward to use. There is no hassle of copying a YouTube link pasting it into a MP3 converter and then downloading it. We all know that is a right pain, PlayMP3 just simply allows you to search for a specific song and download or listen to it. Its as easy as that.

So which version if your favorite? or

Personally looks a little nicer and is very snappy. is the original site but they both work very well.

A full review of the website will be available in the future.
Itulah artikel mengenai PlayMp3.Co - Free MP3 Downloads and Play MP3 semoga bisa bermanfaat untu kalian dan Sekian dari Cheat Game 4u, mudah-mudahan bisa memberi manfaat untuk anda semua.

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